Dr. Malachi Z York teaches the TRUTH.  Was Christ really crucified?  Where are the skeletal bones stating that Abraham, Noah, Adam, Cain, Abel, Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Job and Jesus really existed.  Where are the remnants of Noah's ark?  Where is the supposed cross that Jesus was so called crucified on?  Where is the proof?  There are certainly records of other men being crucified: Ezra-Israelites, David-Israelites, Iva-Nepal, Mithra-Persia, Criti-Chaldea, Baili-Orissa, Hesus-The Druids, Sakia-India, Emmanuel-Israelites, Krishna-India, Indra-Tibet, Tammuz-Babylonia, Attis-Phrygia, Thules-Egypt, Odin-Scandinavia, Quetzacoatl-Mexico and more. 

Centuries before the confusion of Christianity, the city of Nicaea was laid out in the form of a cross and centuries after, the cross was used by the Aztec.  Ancient Egipt used a symbol known as the ankh.  People in other lands "borrow" from other ancient cultures, change the names around, distort various aspects to suit themselves and other people accept that as truth. 

Everything comes from Africa.  Ancient Egipt was the cradle of high civilization. High society if you will.Back to the point.  IF he died on the cross for the world to be saved, why is there still sin today?  Was not the personified Son of God enough to cleanse the whole world of sin? 

Why did he have to send his beloved son to die for the of the world?  Couldn't he just come himself, or wave his hand and make it all well.  He said his spirit was willing but his flesh was weak, and what did God do?  His only begotten son, according to your belief, he let him die by cruci-fiction.  So that's how God showed his love.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  And we're supposed to teach our children this and perpetuate the greatest "story" (lie) ever told?  NOT!

Khaba Amun Shetep RE



09/02/2011 10:58

Brotha I totally understand where youre coming from as far as true history of Jesus cruxification. But you have to admit, if say its an error or partial truth didnt exist. Where would the black man be spiritually in a whole. Yes blacks are acting up. But if it didnt happen this way we properly would be happy worshipping the reptilians knowingly. this was there accident. they should have stuck to there guns.

10/07/2011 03:52

i dont know y but i have been seeing signs and given information from unknown spirits yet when i speak to family and friends sine middle school that the governments are crooks like me and my kids father sit down and read the holy tablets yet we mutually overstand the content fully of what we read yet we both now understand that the book just cant be spoken upon to many due to debates of truth. jesus was a good man as so the have persuaded some to believe yet after reading the holy tablets i only pray to my god of all gods creator of all in existence creator of all creations. but science in school is taught to at a minimum becaues the governments mind control to decieve the people of the world. I know the system is corrupt and has been for years. i feel all parents who feel or know that their children are not totally familiar with the holy tablets to begin sessions on the truth that man does not want many to know. lack to gain knowledge is ignorant but the drive to seek knowledge is to educate the mind gaining knowledge to reverse many things of what u r raised to think is truth will shock you in to reality of knowing what is right and clearly seeing alot of things that have occurred in your life all has a factual purpose as explained in the holy tablets. do not give up or wonder if what ur reading should be second guessed cuz it is all there for u to see read and know that is truth versus the so called truth created by man which has no proof or factual information to reference back to think about if all reading the holy tablet has me looking at the whole world in a very different way i am totally in to astrology but who thinks it is not important the galaxies or shall i say the beginning of wolrd from science to matter not atoms. there is a whole nother you in side of ur self and to be well in tact and sharp in your spiritual being it is the truth of the book offering truth to those who may be lost in religion or lost in to praying to Jesus christ as ur lord and savior instead to annunigi gog of all gods.


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